Nextivity products are protected under the following United States and/or international patents:

PAT. NO.             Title

10,045,225         Determining the optimum coverage position in a building for externally provided RF signals

D795,210           Enclosure for multi-frequency band signal booster system

9,979,460           System for maximizing gain in a repeater

10,136,335         Integrated repeater

9,882,627           System for dynamically controlling the gain of a repeater

9,961,561            Integrated repeater

9,397,743            System for coupling wireless repeater donor and server units over cable

9,264,851            Determining the location of a mobile terminal in the presence of a repeater

9,237,533            Detecting uplink repeater capacity

9,210,563            Context based caching of cloud data

9,130,641            Short-range cellular booster

9,036,536            Multi-hop booster

9,014,621            Short-range cellular booster

8,682,311            Multi-hop booster

8,649,447            OFDM modem using pilot sub-carrier structure

8,611,205            Multi-hop booster

8,570,983            FDD/TDD wireless link for UNII band

8,478,191            Short range booster with multiple antennas

8,452,231            Short range booster

8,447,230           Variable gain antenna for cellular repeater

8,351,366           CDMA UNII link

8,086,174           Short-range cellular booster

8,081,585           Multi-hop booster

7,519,323           Short-range cellular booster