Expanding Your Business

Solving In-building Cellular Coverage for Clients

With the number of mobile phone users in the world expected to pass the five billion mark this year, there is an enormous opportunity for solutions that amplify cellular signal strength inside of buildings. The market is vast and includes offices, warehouses, manufacturing plants, restaurants, stores, schools, healthcare facilities, hotels, apartment buildings, parking garages—really any building type. The potential for solutions is even more significant given the exponential increase in demand for cellular due to factors like the elimination of the desk phone, bring your own device (BYOD) work policies, the integration of cellular-based IoT devices that deliver secure business efficiencies, and an entirely new level of public safety standards and requirements for in-building wireless equipment.

Download these case studies for more examples of how system integrators, installers, and specialists have expanded their businesses by solving in-building cellular coverage with Cel-Fi QUATRA.