Will iPhone 6 Upset the Android/iOS Apple cart?


September 9 is an auspicious day for the smartphone market. That’s when industry watchers believe Apple will be launching the highly anticipated iPhone 6.

If those in the know are right with their launch predictions, the iPhone 6 launch will be happening in the wake of recent stats that show iOS global usage falling being Android for the first time. In the month of July for example iOS saw a drop from 45.61% of traffic to 44.19%; while Android jumped from 43.75% to 44.62%.

But in true Apple fashion, there’s likely a plethora of new products waiting to be launched this fall. Stephen Hall’s article in 9to5Mac speculates that the larger screen iPhone 6 will set new sales records, with The Wall Street Journal reporting Apple expects to move 70 to 80 million new units by the end of the year.

What Apple has in its favour is brand loyalty and a relentless passion by consumers to upgrade with each new device that comes into play. That’s not always the case for Android users because the operating system shared across several brands.

So what are pundits saying about a larger iPhone? Some say it will capture the lion’s share of existing iPhone users, which is a pretty sizeable number.

Then there’s the fact that phablets are muscling their way in and expected to outnumber tablet sales three to one by 2018, according to a Business Insider article Business Insider article. (Phablets are a smartphone with a screen size of 5 to 7 inches.) While Samsung Galaxy has been a front runner in this category, the new Apple products coming out in the next week could change all that.

So the question remains, will these new products put iOS usage back on top? Or is Android still king? What do you think?

By the Cel-Fi Team

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