What Choices do I Have to Improve My Indoor Mobile Signal?


If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably looking for ways to resolve poor indoor mobile coverage. So we’d like to outline some choices for you.

Let’s set aside traditional repeaters though. They’re difficult to install and can cause harm to the mobile network. Besides they just don’t work that well.

Wi-fi uses an existing broadband connection, which means you need to be in a place where that bandwidth is available. Another choice is a smart signal booster that amplifies the 3G network to give you the speed you need.

So which is the best option? That depends on your situation and what you are trying to achieve.

Here’s what the major carriers are doing in the U.S. T-Mobile offers both Wi-Fi Calling and the Cel-Fi Smart Signal Booster. AT&T customers can choose between MicroCell and Cel-Fi.

Wi-Fi Calling uses an existing Wi-Fi network, which means you need a Wi-Fi router and a broadband connection, along with a T-Mobile phone that supports the Wi-Fi calling feature (Nokia Windows and iPhones do not support it).

AT&T’s MicroCell can work on any 3G handset. It’s actually like installing a miniature cell tower in your premises. You don’t have to have Wi-Fi because it plugs directly into your broadband router. The network cannot ‘hand off’ calls made from outside your home once you move inside, and coverage indoors can be sporadic. It can also be a bit tricky to set up, and there are limits to the number of people who can makes calls at the same time.

If you have some 3G coverage on either network (minimum one bar), the Cel-Fi Smart Signal Booster is an option. It’s a plug-and-play solution that doesn’t require a broadband connection, external antennas, cabling or user registration. And it works on any 3G handsets.

In a nutshell, here are the choices:

If you’re in an area with no 3G coverage, Wi-Fi Calling and MicroCell are good choices as long as you have a solid broadband connection and, in the case of Wi-Fi Calling, a compatible handset.

If you can get at least one solid bar of coverage on your 3G handset, you can use the Cel-Fi Smart Signal Booster (on AT&T, T-Mobile or one of the 130+ other mobile networks worldwide that authorize its use).Now it’s your turn. Let us know what solutions you’ve tried in the past to resolve your indoor coverage challenges.

By the Cel-Fi Team

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