The Indoor Coverage Challenge in LEED Buildings


A funny thing happened on the way to LEED certification. Unbeknown to many, the wonderful things that go into creating an environmentally sustainable building have a sizeable drawback when it comes to cellular signals.

Many windows used in LEED buildings have a composite of inert gases and metallic coatings to optimize the performance of their climate control systems. But depending on the materials used, those elements can block cellular signals from coming in. And that’s a challenge a lot of building managers weren’t expecting.

A number of LEED facility residents have invested tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars on distributed antenna systems. One building we know of spent upwards of $200,000 to get decent indoor coverage.

But that’s a hefty price tag when you consider that installing a few smart signal boosters for a fraction of the cost could net the same results. So do we even need to ask which option makes the most sense?

Are you in a LEED facility and having coverage issues? Tell us how you’re handling it.

By the Cel-Fi Team

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