Cellular coverage and Wi-Fi: Giving the Best of Both Worlds


We’ve all been in a public area of a building at some point or another and lost a cellular connection right in the middle of a call. And it’s a good bet you’ve found yourself wandering around a space to find the nearest window or open door so you can have an uninterrupted conversation with a friend, colleague or customer.

This might be considered a slight inconvenience if you’re simply making a social call. But for many office environments, poor cellular coverage can be an issue of major proportions for visiting clients.

Many public and private spaces provide free Wi-Fi so customers can take care of business while they wait. In fact, it’s pretty much expected these days. So it only makes sense to go one step further and make sure you can provide decent cellular signal coverage as well.

It’s simple. If you’re happy to give people access to the Internet, why not extend the courtesy and offer uninterrupted cellular service? All it would take is a smart signal booster or two and you have the perfect space for mobile workers to keep their lines of communication open.

A leading broadcaster and publisher of daily newspapers is one example of a business that has gone this route. They set up two Cel-Fi units – one for T-Mobile customers and the other for AT&T customers – on a floor in their building that is used by their CEO. By taking this approach, guests who meet with the CEO, who are contracted to either of these carriers, always have a strong cellular signal.

Our question to you is: Which indoor environment have you experienced the worst coverage ever?

By the Cel-Fi Team

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