From the CEO’s Desk | The $14 Trillion Dollar Internet of Things Question


When it comes to the Internet of Things (or Internet of Everything as Cisco likes to call it), there’s a mind-boggling number of questions that arise. But here’s one that was proposed at a recent tech conference that got a lot of people thinking: What will ultimately be the killer app for this market?

Here are some facts to consider: Cisco estimates that by 2022 there will be 50 billion smart objects out there, ranging from sensors to telephony. That translates into a $14.4 trillion value. Compare that to today, where only 1% of the world and 13 billion devices are connected to the network.

It’s not surprising that we haven’t as yet figured out what the killer app for the IoT will be, because as far as we’re concerned it’s still in the startup phase. Sure the technology has been proven in many areas – from sensors on the manufacturing factory floor and building automation systems, to vending machines and home appliances. For example, there’s a small magnet you can stick on your fridge that will allow you to order bottles of mineral water directly from your kitchen (no computer or smartphone needed).

A fun one is Pepsi’s new Social Vending Machine where users can send a drink gift through a connected vending machine.

But these will be child’s play when the IoT really takes hold.

So what are we really looking at in the not too distant future? We’re looking at apps for intelligent buildings, hospitals, manufacturing, education, logistics, transportation, lighting, parking, waste management, and more. In other words, there will be an endless sea of demand that will reach stratospheric proportions, not to mention a veritable war for development talent to get us there. Will the killer app for the Internet of Things be a B2B, public service, government, industry or consumer play? Or will it be something we’ve never even thought of yet? My bet is on the latter. But, what is sure, is that all these new devices and sensors will need a connection to the Internet – and Cel-Fi will be there, ready and able to serve it up.

It almost seems pointless to ask what killer app is likely to fuel the Internet of Things. The question limits the infinite or limitless vision of an Internet of Everything. Do you think that in an Internet world of “Everything” it’s rational to assume that the term “killer app” would even still apply?

By Werner Sievers, CEO

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