From the Inside: Why Cel-Fi is a Symphony in the Making


We’ve found that it’s often the people behind the scenes who have the most interesting things to say. So we thought it was time let our talented subject matter experts provide their own take on all things relating to Cel-Fi.

The first of our new “From the Inside” blog series is brought to you by David Ramsland, our VP of Manufacturing and Supply Chain. We hope you enjoy it.

The orchestration of a new product release is not unlike a symphony performance. It takes a complex array of creative input, instrumentalists, rehearsals and refinements before opening night. Even after that, orchestras continue to work on improvements as they get more comfortable with their performance and their audience.

At Cel-Fi, any new product goes through a series of different processes before it’s ready for market. It starts with the product concept, including defining the market and figuring out what we want to achieve.

Next come the engineering specifications – the musical score if you will – followed by initial prototyping, evaluation and testing (rehearsals), production (dress rehearsal) and finally a full scale rollout (opening night).

Like any orchestra, we have to constantly work with moving parts, from suppliers and producers to test equipment and fixtures. We gather input from marketing and sales, and engineering and design, among others, to ensure that all the pieces stay true to the score.

While that’s happening, it’s not unusual for someone in the ecosystem to change the sheet music on us, whether it’s new standards or technology developments. And we all know that when different members of the orchestra are working with different sheet music, the outcome isn’t so great.

Once we get everyone on the same score, an integral part of our product’s success is seeking out the best critics we can find. We look to our customer base to ensure that our products are compatible and interact with their networks. If any component is out of tune, it’s back to re-engineering.

Last but not least is the regulatory approval process, which has to be done individually for each and every jurisdiction where Cel-Fi is sold.

All in all, it can take 12 to 18 months to move from conception to a successful opening night performance. Even then, we continue to take feedback from end users just to make sure that everything performs as it should.

But when it finally comes together, and our audience is happy, it’s music to our ears.

Now that you know a bit more of what goes into new product development, what other insights would you like our team members to share?

From the Inside by David Ramsland, VP of Manufacturing and Supply Chain

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