Smart Appliances Making the Connected Home a Reality


When it comes to smart thinking, everyone loves the cool stuff, like connected cars and wearable devices. But it’s the less glam items like smart appliances that are destined to become a part of homeowners’ everyday lives.

Take Quirky and GE’s new smart air conditioner. It may not have the cachet of a tricked out Mercedes, but the Aros, as it’s called, is just one of hundreds of devices and appliances that are getting added to the mobile app lexicon. With Aros, like other smart appliances coming off the assembly lines, you can use your mobile device to track energy usage, or switch the air conditioner on or off from afar.

Introducing Aros from Quirky on Vimeo.

Homeowners and homebuilders also like the idea of smart appliances according to a recent Home and Garden article. Dishwashers, refrigerators, washers and dryers are all becoming an integral part of the connected household as more people are paying attention to their energy consumption.

Then there’s Samsung’s rollout of a new Smart Home service in Korea and the US . The hook there is the ability to tie together smart TVs and home appliances to a smartphone so you can control it all from one app. (Imagine the relief of not having to work with a remote that has all the simplicity of a control panel on a space shuttle.)

Smart appliances aren’t just a fad; they can actually be quite useful. For example, a connected air purifier system can scan the Internet to find particle pollution levels based on location and adjust filter settings accordingly. A Nest thermostat also learns and adjusts temperatures based on occupancy patterns and preferences.

It’s only a matter of time before these smart appliances demand that our homes become completely connected, making indoor coverage and connectivity to mobile networks essential.

What will be your first smart appliance and why?

By the Cel-Fi Team

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