Sardinians Desperately Seeking Signal Coverage


It would be funny if it wasn’t true. A recent story surfaced of an Italian mayor in Neghedu Santa Vittoria – a small town in the center of the island of Sardinia – sending smoke signals in the town square to protest the fact it had no Internet or cellular coverage.

One statement in particular stood out. In complaining that the town was 20 years behind, the mayor added, “What entrepreneur would open a business if you cannot use the Internet?”

You can’t help but admire this creative approach to highlighting coverage issues in the mobile world. And while some North Americans might think it’s an isolated issue, indoor environments can often be a coverage island unto themselves. The fact that mobile signals can’t always break their way through building barriers can mean headaches for businesses that rely on smartphones and other devices to conduct business with their customers.

Sure landlines do some of the job. And if you have ubiquitous DSL coverage you may be able to get by with Wi-Fi. But there are a lot of pockets in the world, including North America, where DSL service is as remote a possibility as Sardinia’s island community.

And while the Sardinian mayor noted that the next best option was carrier pigeons, there are less complicated options out there to bridge the mobile coverage gap without having to build a bonfire in your foyer.

Are you struggling for solid coverage in your home or office? Tell us your story.

By the Cel-Fi Team

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