Cel-Fi as the Perfect Backup Plan


We love it when our customers share their original ideas for how they are using Cel-Fi. One that definitely caught our attention recently is a business that is using a Cel-Fi smart signal booster as a backup for Internet connectivity. Here’s the story behind this legacy reality that continues to plague businesses worldwide.

A router’s job is to manage the company’s connection to the Internet. However, when legacy T1, E1, DSL or cable connection quality drops below a certain threshold, the router can be configured to switch to an alternative backhaul connection (for example, cellular wireless or satellite) to ensure employees remain connected, without any down time.

This particular customer decided it made more sense to use a 4G cellular connection as a backup. It’s pretty simple to do. The customer plugged a 4G USB-based cellular modem into the router so that it can automatically switch to 4G when the need arises. This only addressed part of the connectivity equation, so Cel-Fi was brought into the picture.

As routers are typically installed in closets, server rooms – and even building basements – they happen to be in areas where 3G or 4G coverage is at its worst. But add Cel-Fi to the mix, and voila! The coverage problem is solved and the backup plan works.

This opens up all sorts of opportunities for retailers and fast food restaurants that are often left out in the cold when their Internet service goes down. We all know how quickly that translates into lost revenues. Not only will Cel-Fi enable a switchover to 3G or 4G when an Internet connection fails, it will even hunt down another cell tower if the closest one is down for the count. Think of it as a backup for your backup. Plus, it’s a sweet deal compared to a traditional backup plan, given a site survey and router installation would cost you about $1,000 – not to mention ongoing monthly fees.

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By the Cel-Fi Team

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