When 85% is not a Passing Grade

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For most people, an 85% plus approval rating is a pretty impressive number. But in our world, it means there’s room for improvement.

When we began working on the user interface for our just launched, third generation Cel-Fi Pro, it wasn’t enough that 85% of customers already had a “compelling” installation experience with our current products. We decided we needed to pull out all the stops to close the gap on that extra 15%.

A lot of what we did involves convoluted tech talk (which we’re always happy to share with anyone interested in the nuts and bolts of our technology). In simple terms however, what we did was create an LCD screen on both the window and coverage units that shows the impact of moving either device has on the overall quality of the installation.

Once you see five bars on both units, you know you’re in the perfect spot to get the best coverage possible. That’s a lot better and more efficient than having to check the units individually until you strike the right balance.

And if for some reason you just can’t get the maximum bars on both ends, our new user interface will walk you through the steps to take to improve your coverage. So even though the old way still gets two thumbs up from a vast majority of our customers, we’re pretty confident with our latest enhancements, the other 15% will be joining their ranks.

Did you have a compelling experience installing Cel-Fi Pro? Good or bad, we love to receive customer feedback.

By the Cel-Fi Team


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