Connecting with the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs


As a company that is constantly driven by innovation and guided by an entrepreneurial spirit, we always welcome the opportunity to connect with and influence young minds. On July 11, we played host to 20 international students and four staff members from the Fred J. Hansen Summer Institute on Leadership and International Cooperation.

The idea behind the day’s events was to open the students’ eyes to the inner workings of an entrepreneurial business. The day was a terrific opportunity to engage a captive audience of bright, keen, up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

Senior execs from Nextivity presented a session on 10 Lessons for Entrepreneurial Startups. We thoroughly enjoying sharing our thoughts on entrepreneurship, but what truly opened our eyes were the extremely smart questions they asked to challenge our thinking.

After a tour of our facility and a product demo, the great conversations continued at a casual meet and greet with our team in San Diego, complete with frozen yogurt from another entrepreneurial success story, Pinkberry.

Looking back at the day, I actually think that we got just as much out of it as the students did. It was certainly a great reminder of how talented and eager the next generation of entrepreneurs are. Their energy and enthusiasm are two traits that will certainly help this group succeed as they venture out on their own, and explore opportunities to create their destiny.

So our thanks go to Hansen for organizing an incredible day, and to the group of students who left us in a state of admiration.

Watch what the group had to say about the day and their thoughts on entrepreneurship.

By the Cel-Fi Team

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