Mobile Data Explosion the Culprit for Dropped Calls


We live in a hyper-connected world, with much of that connectivity happening on our mobile devices. So it should come as no surprise that mobile data usage is putting networks under a lot of strain. A recent article notes that while data accounts for 98% of mobile traffic globally, it’s also doubling the rate of dropped calls (research is thanks to Amdocs’ annual State of the Radio Access Network).

Some numbers that will impress (or worry) you:

  • Dropped data and voice calls has increased by 121%
  • Dropped (or spontaneously disconnected) call rates are now at 17%
  • Indoor mobile phone usage has increased by 33%
  • Indoor data users are experiencing a drop in data throughput of up to 50%
  • Customers are getting angry about data coverage problems (47% in fact)

While smartphones put the power of computing in the palms of our hands, they’re also the cause of this growing problem. In fact, these data-hungry devices now consume up to seven times more data than those used four years ago.

So what will help? LTE/4G is just one example of technology that will play its part in alleviating some of these challenges. But let’s not forget that the causes of dropped calls indoor aren’t always about the capacity or speed of the network. When a cellular signal has trouble making it indoors, smart signal boosters can play a big part in strengthening the signal, making sure that the number of cell phone bars goes up and the customer experience improves too. If anything, it’s good to know there’s more than one way to conquer the hurdles caused by the data deluge.

What do you think? Will data consumption outstrip network capacity?

By The Cel-Fi Team

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