LTE Taking Flight


It had to happen eventually. AT&T recently announced plans to bring 4G wireless service to airplanes. Travelers will likely see LTE, which will be faster than satellite services, taking to the friendly skies sometime next year. All it will take is the time to build an air-to-ground network.

This could be the perfect opportunity for more accessible Internet access in the sky since access point deployment is pretty simple and coverage requirements are confined to a small area compared to ground-based services. With LTE in flight, you could think of the plane as a massive pipe to the Internet.

It’s just one more example of the momentum we’re seeing in indoor coverage and the fact that providers are continuing to reach places we never dreamed of, from planes and cars to remote corners of buildings and underground sites. And who knows what will come next!

What are some of the other far-reaching places you would like to see with 4G coverage?

By the Cel-Fi Team

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