From the CEO’s Desk | Just when you Thought 4G was it…


So the newest topic for debate over the next while will be 5G. Fifth generation wireless networks are anticipated to represent the next major phase in telecommunications standards; however they do not focus on any particular technology defined by a standards body.

Companies like Ericsson have already come out of the gates saying that 5G will be much more than speedier radio access networks radio access networks. It will be the be-all and end-all for the much-touted “Internet of Things”.

The real power of 5G will come from the applications, users and devices. It’s the technology that will build a truly networked society where broadband networks will connect applications in the cloud to any type of mobile device or mobile-enabled machine.

Imagine a world when machines talk to each other, and have the capabilities to measure the user experience based on how users are feeling. We believe that 5G networks will be faster, smarter and robust enough to handle a 100-fold increase of connected devices on the network.

However, don’t expect to see 5G hitting mainstream any time soon. The technologies – not to mention the spectrum – needed to develop the 5G landscape will be a source of debate for a few years yet.

Anyone care to offer their thoughts on how long that will be?

By Werner Sievers, CEO

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