Inspiration Taking Flight


I love a good pioneering story. Here’s one that really captures the spirit of what innovation is all about.

In 2013, two Swiss adventurers, Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg set out to change the aviation world. That’s when they developed and successfully tested Solar Impulse, the first solar-powered plane that could fly coast-to-coast across the U.S.

Like true explorers, they didn’t stop there. The twosome have now unveiled Solar Impulse 2 to achieve an even loftier goal: circumnavigating the globe – something they plan to do in 2015.

Here are two men – an engineer/pilot and adventurer that started with a dream, then applied new technology to complete the picture and turn their ideas into reality. It’s proving to be a partnership where the sky’s the limit – literally.

There a few interesting things about this partnership. Not only is the idea something that puts a whole new spin on green transportation, it could also have a profound impact on how solar energy can be applied in the future outside of planes, trains and automobiles.

Piccard and Borschberg are proving something that all innovators innately understand: when you combine genius, technical know-how and fearless thinking, it’s possible to change the world as we know it. As innovators ourselves, we can all take inspiration from this.

It’s quite simple when you think about it. When you have a dream, find the right partners and apply sound technology principles, any good idea can take flight.

Is there a future for solar-powered aircraft? Where can you see this technology taking off?

By The Cel-Fi Team

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