How to Extend Your Smartphone’s Battery Life? Three Tips to Help


Even though smartphones have become integrated into our everyday lives, there’s one thing that hasn’t improved as much as we’d like – their battery life. The more we use them, the sooner the batteries go dead on us. There are however some very simple things you can do to stretch battery life for your smartphone.

1. Turn off the battery hogs – Better phones mean more powerful apps. However, a lot of them are serious battery hogs, even after you’ve closed them. Tip: Turn your phone off and back on to reset the apps that have been running in the background. Also check your settings for optional apps that use Wi-Fi, GPS or Bluetooth and turn off the ones that don’t matter. GPS may be necessary for the navigation function of a map app, but do you really need Facebook to auto-update your location?

2. Keep it cool – Phone batteries prefer to operate in a comfortable environment. Extreme hot or cold can cause battery issues. Have you ever noticed that the only time you have car battery trouble is when it’s freezing outside? The same thing happens to your phone in extreme temperatures.

Tip: If you’ve been out in the cold (or hot), let the phone’s temperature normalize before using it.

3. Get close with your signals – Poor coverage is one of the most common reasons for poor battery life. Even when you’re not using it, your smartphone will “talk” to the nearest tower – and if the tower can’t “hear” the signal, the network tells your phone to crank up the power. The higher the power, the sooner your battery power fades into oblivion. It happens a lot, especially when you’re using it indoors where signals can be blocked.

Tip: Never use your phone unless you’re really close to a tower. (Okay, we know that’s not so easy). To pump up the indoor volume if you’re not getting a full five bars, you could use a smart signal booster. This will make your smartphone think you’re very, very close to the tower – and your batteries will last up to 4 times longer!

Now it’s your turn. What setting or app drains your smartphone battery more than others?

By the Cel-Fi Team