Complete Cel-Fi Product Line Now FCC Approved with the Latest Certifications for AT&T


It seems the FCC is pretty happy with what they’re seeing on the Cel-Fi front. Our smart signal booster has just been approved for the AT&T network. That means Cel-Fi for AT&T complies with the FCC’s new Part 20 Rules guiding the use of consumer boosters on licensed spectrum. This is the second approval we’ve received to date (the first was Cel-Fi for the T-Mobile network). All Cel-Fi products are now certified by the FCC.

This is big news given that Cel-Fi is the only provider-specific booster that complies with the Part 20 Rules that will be taking effect April 30, 2014. Other boosters approved for use fall into the wideband category, which is a completely different game.

As an all-digital, all-wireless, carrier-specific solution, Cel-Fi stands apart in being approved for gains of up to 100dB. Under the FCC regulations, wideband boosters are capped at 70dB (for 700 Mhz) and 72 dB (for 1.7/2.1 Ghz).

That difference matters a lot given that Cel-Fi can offer 1,000 times the gain and much wider coverage (up to 13,000 sq. ft.). Add to that the fact that it’s insanely simple to install and doesn’t require cables or antennas and you have an all-round winning proposition.

Got questions about the FCC Part 20 rules and its impact on you? Leave them in the comments. We can help.

By the Cel-Fi Team

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