CES 2014 Highlights Smart and Connected Technology


If you were at the Consumer Electronics Show last week, it didn’t take long to figure out that one of the prevailing themes this year was smart technology. Many product announcements and presentations revolved around just about anything that solves problems and/or makes decisions for humans. (The folks at CNET have a great roundup of news and views from the event: http://ces.cnet.com).

For example, there was the BMW i3 that automatically senses a parking space and parks itself on the push of a button. There were also wearable devices that bring together the world of smart watches and fitness bands ; and sensors connecting over Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth to measure air quality and provide instant feedback to your phone. We heard that more than 70 Kickstarter- and Indiegogo-backed hardware companies attended the show, many of which are focused on all things “smart” or the Internet of Things.

At CES, we used to only see big announcements from big companies, but we are now enjoying those big announcements from small companies – among them, the Pebble watch (the start-up and product that pioneered the connected watch movement).

Some people even say that Google’s acquisition of Nest this week marks the official tipping point of the Internet of Things.

We see the “smart” theme as strong validation of what we’re doing with Cel-Fi. It is the first – and for now continues to be the only – “smart” signal booster on the market. Back in 2006, we took a leap of faith to dream of developing a smart device for the indoor coverage market when there were no others. There were two compelling reasons to make Cel-Fi smart, and we are really happy that we persisted:

(1) To make our signal booster insanely simple to install;


(2) And to make Cel-Fi totally obsessed with finding ways to deliver a very strong cellular signal. In fact, our latest booster technology is so advanced and smart it provides the built-in intelligence to adapt to the environment and increase or decrease power to ensure you get the best/maximum signal coverage in your home or office without creating any signal interference.

Our bold decision to be smart about our signal booster is why Cel-Fi is now authorized for use on 139 carriers in 70 countries. We are proud of our technology, and it seems we’re not the only ones that think our smart signal booster is a game changer in its category. Cel-Fi was selected by 60+ press and analysts to win the Mobility Award at CES in the Wireless Femtocells/Small Cells/Signal Boosters Category.

The future is bright, and we are looking forward to it. What was your favorite smart technology at CES 2014?

By the Cel-Fi Team

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