Cellular and Wearable Devices – It Had to Happen

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AT&T has made a prediction that will up the ante when it comes to indoor cellular coverage – or lack thereof.

In a recent Fierce Wireless article, Glenn Lurie, who was just appointed CEO of AT&T Mobility, said we can expect to see wearable devices with independent cellular connections this year. In other words, there will be cellular devices in the market that won’t rely on smartphones for their connection to the Internet. The areas he targeted are fitness and healthcare (no surprises there).This of course means more devices on carrier networks – and more pressure to deliver rock solid indoor coverage. We all know that’s not always the case, which is why Cel-Fi has been such a success – and will continue to be as the demand for cellular connectivity grows.

As we have been predicting for quite sometime now, wearables will no longer be just a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi play. As Lurie points out, there are some technical and cost issues to be worked out, but ultimately he expects the market for cellular wearables to “explode” the way tablets did.

Interestingly enough, Samsung just announced a new Gear S smartwatch, which has both 3G cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity. That’s a trend that’s right up our alley.

If the price for a cellular wearable device isn’t too severe, which combination would be your preference: Bluetooth/Wi-Fi or cellular/Wi-Fi?

By the Cel-Fi Team

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