Cel-Fi Making Waves in European Waters


The Cel-Fi team was proud to have put its weight behind the recent 2013 Italian Off-shore Sailing Championship (Campionato Italiano Offshore). The aptly named “Making Waves” crew outpaced 278 competitors to grab 10th spot on our partner, Andrea Casini’s boat, Quattrogatti.

What better way to celebrate the fact that the Cel-Fi Smart Signal Booster is authorized by the top-tier operators in Italy: Telecom Italia, Hutchison 3 and Wind.

While the “Making Waves” team name pays homage to our home city San Diego’s sailing and surfing roots; it’s also our message to the world that we’re creating a big splash on the international scene with our Cel-Fi Smart Signal Booster. In fact, it not only meets the requirements laid out by the FCC in their new consumer booster ruling, but also ships to 137 operators around the globe! Talk about making bigger waves in the mobile industry!

In the meantime, we wish the “Making Waves” crew all the very best for the rest of the race season.

By the Cel-Fi Team

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