Cel-Fi Makes the iBwave Grade!


We talk a lot about Cel-Fi as a signal booster that’s ideal for individuals, the SOHO market and SMBs that are experiencing indoor coverage issues. But lately, we’ve been getting lots of props in the enterprise space as well. In fact, we’ve now been added to the iBwave catalog of cellular coverage solutions. Cel-Fi is also included in the iBwave mobile app for site surveys, helping installers and planners to design large-scale deployments in the enterprise.

Now that may not sound like much if you’re not familiar with iBwave. But the fact is, iBwave is a premier wireless network modeling software tool used by service providers (e.g. designers, installers, carriers) and enterprises around the world. Which means Cel-Fi is now a recognized network element when it comes to large-scale deployments.

The reason for this takes us back to the publication of the Small Cell Forum Release Two: Enterprise guidelines last December. That was the first time smart signal boosters were recognized for the role they play in delivering improved indoor cellular coverage in the enterprise. Release Two acknowledges smart signal boosters as small cell technology that can work independently or as part of an integrated small cell network to enhance coverage and capacity for a significantly lower cost.

In fact, we’re the only booster that has the built-in intelligence to work seamlessly alongside small cells. And we’re glad that global players like iBwave are taking that to heart.

So why is this important? Analog signal boosters can create network interference and as a result are not well suited for the enterprise or professional market. All-digital technology like the Cel-Fi smart signal booster is changing the industry. In fact, a number of large enterprises are using Cel-Fi to provide coverage (up to tens of thousands of square feet) within their office environment. We can’t wait to see how much more can be done with Cel-Fi being part of the arsenal of coverage and capacity solutions included in the iBwave catalog and simulation tool.

How are you addressing dead zones in your office? Have you ever used radio frequency design or measurement tools to assist you in the process?

By the Cel-Fi Team

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