Cel-Fi for T-Mobile Subscribers Gets a Passing Grade from the FCC


It’s official! The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has certified the Cel-Fi Smart Signal booster for T-Mobile. In fact, Cel-Fi is the only carrier-specific booster that has been tested and approved under the new Part 20 Rules outlined in the FCC regulations guiding the use of consumer boosters on licensed spectrum.

We are especially proud that no hardware modifications were necessary for Cel-Fi to be approved by the FCC. This is testament of our proprietary technology, which does not interfere with carrier networks.


With the FCC certification in place, Cel-Fi for T-Mobile is immediately available from our web store, and from authorized partners. It can be used by mobile subscribers to address their indoor coverage issues now and once the new regulations come into effect.

The FCC Part 20 rules address two different booster categories: provider[aka carrier]-specific boosters; and, wideband boosters.

  • Provider-specific signal boosters like Cel-Fi are designed to work on a specific carrier’s network, and use advanced technology to ensure they don’t interfere with a carrier’s spectrum. The FCC allows carrier-specific signal boosters to operate on higher system gains of up to 100dB.
  • Wideband boosters operate on multiple frequencies, and the FCC has ruled that they have to limit their gain to around 70dB.What this really means for mobile subscribers with indoor coverage challenges is that Cel-Fi delivers 1,000 times the gain of wideband analog boosters and a much wider area of signal coverage (up to 13,000 sq. ft.) within a building. Not to mention that it’s insanely simple to install and use because Cel-Fi is all-digital and 100% wireless. Cel-Fi embodies the most advanced technology in this market, and is the only plug and play booster approved by the FCC.

Check in with us and we’ll be happy to share more details.

By the Cel-Fi Team

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