Cel-Fi Duo Gets the Thumbs Up from T-Mobile

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None of us would be where we are without the backing of our partners. So I wanted to take a moment to congratulate T-Mobile for being the first wireless provider in the world to offer our new 4G LTE Cel-Fi Duo, dual-band smart signal booster. Ours is a collaboration many years in the making, so we’re proud to see the un-carrier making the first move with our all-new Cel-Fi Duo.

The Cel-Fi Duo is a feature-packed, smaller model that offers dual-band support for up to 35MHz of boosted bandwidth so it can easily keep up with the expanding set of channels used on the T-Mobile network. It also provides 10 times the gain of earlier Cel-Fi systems for bigger and better coverage.

In fact it’s the only dual-band smart signal booster that can simultaneously boost UMTS/WCDMA voice as well as LTE (including VoLTE) signals. But with all that sophistication, we haven’t lost the plug and play functionality that users have come to love. No matter how complex the inner workings become, you simply plug it in and within minutes, you’ll be good to go with up to five bars of signal coverage.

Obviously T-Mobile is impressed by what the new Duo has to offer. We hope you are too.

T-Mobile customers interested in learning more can contact T-Mobile Customer Service or visit a T-Mobile retail store. Or you can purchases a Cel-Fi Duo directly from Nextivity.

By the Cel-Fi Team

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