Big News for Small Cells! For the First Time, the Small Cell Forum has Included the Use of Smart Signal Boosters for the Enterprise


We have big news about our Cel-Fi Smart Signal Boosters that will benefit enterprise customers. The Small Cell Forum, the industry forum for small cells specifications and use, is now including smart signal boosters such as Cel-Fi as an indoor coverage solution that can be deployed alongside small cells in the enterprise. The details were unveiled earlier this month when the Small Cell Forum issued Release Two: Enterprise, a document that specifically looks at ways to address coverage and capacity needs of enterprises. (Release One, which came out last year, was largely focused on deploying small cells in residential environments).

According to the Small Cell Forum small cells are low-power intelligent access points that improve cellular coverage, capacity and applications for homes and enterprises. Types include femtocells (the smallest), picocells, metrocells and microcells. Small cells also facilitate mobile service by detecting, connecting and interacting with existing networks.

Release Two addresses, amongst a variety of issues, the synergies between smart signal boosters and small cell networks in the enterprise (see the Intelligent Repeater section of Release Two). In other words, how smart signal boosters can be used in conjunction with small cells to enhance coverage and capacity (for more info, take a look at the “Alternative enterprise small cells” part of Release Two). The reason this is significant is that until we developed the all-digital Cel-Fi, signal boosters didn’t have the built-in intelligence to work with small cell technology.

Smart Signal Boosters: For the first time, the Small Cell Forum recognizes that there is a new class of more sophisticated signal repeaters (which we coined “smart signal boosters”) that never create any kind of interference for users or a carrier’s network. Smart signal boosters also provide a much larger coverage area than legacy analog boosters.


According to the Small Cell Forum, “The smart signal booster […] provides rich indoor coverage for enterprises that do not have access to usable backhaul. The existing macro network is used as a signal source in this small cell approach.”

Here are some facts that help explain it all: • When an enterprise uses a smart signal booster as an extension of a small cell deployment to cover remaining dead zones (for example, in a mail room in the basement of an office building), it provides the necessary coverage without any additional monthly operational costs.

  • Combining small cells (such as femtocell) with smart signal boosters is a more efficient way to extend small cell coverage into those black holes for an affordable one-time cost.
  • The Small Cell Forum recognizes and includes, for the first time, the role smart signal boosters can play in delivering improved indoor cellular coverage in the enterprise when deployed as a small cell technology, along with femtocells, picocells, microcells and metrocells.
  • Cel-Fi is the first and only “intelligent repeater” (as identified by the Small Cell Forum in Release Two) on the market today. The ARES baseband processor is the only one to incorporate the self-optimized networking (SON) algorithms required to seamlessly co-exist with small cells in enterprise environments.
  • Release Two opens the doors for operators to bring new, more effective and affordable solutions to meet enterprise customer coverage and capacity needs.If you want to find out what this could mean for your business, we’d be happy to give you a run-through of your options.

By the Cel-Fi Team

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