From the CEO’s Desk | 2013: A Banner Year for the Smart Signal Booster


Year end is always an opportune time for reflection and projection. This time around, I am literally inspired by what’s transpired, on the Smart Signal Booster front. All the laser focused effort of 2013 will catapult Nextivity into 2014 with the ability to launch a whole new generation of solutions aimed at resolving poor indoor signal quality.

In a nutshell, 2013 was the year that Cel-Fi came of age. It started with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopting new technical, operational, and registration requirements for signal boosters in order to enhance wireless coverage for consumers. These requirements, which come into effect on March 1, 2014, validated the legitimacy of smart signal boosters and brought them into the limelight for the first time. The year ended with the Small Cell Forum’s Release Two, which identified smart signal boosters as an indoor coverage solution that can be deployed alongside small cells in the enterprise.

I’m more than proud to say that Nextivity played a part in working with both the FCC and the Small Cell Forum to drive smart signal booster adoption within the carrier community. I think of these two events as perfect bookends to a year that saw Cel-Fi make significant moves in the market and the new class of “Smart” Signal Boosters (a term we coined) get the recognition it deserves from the industry, our customers and our partners.

Here are some other highlights that I am proud to share with you:

We added 33 new carriers to our customer roster this year, making Cel-Fi the only consumer cell phone signal booster authorized by 139 leading global carriers in 70 countries around the world. We also started selling Cel-Fi online for U.S.-based customers.

We consistently receive incredible stories from our customers about the difference Cel-Fi has made in their lives. One such story from a family in Arkansas was particularly moving, as they were able to communicate with their children in the middle of a major snowstorm thanks to Cel-Fi. These are the magic moments that make us proud of the innovation we’ve built into Cel-Fi.

Cel-Fi was tested and approved this year by AT&T for use on its network – a significant milestone for Nextivity and testament to Cel-Fi’s unconditional network safety and ease of deployment. It’s an important milestone as carriers like AT&T had historically not approved the use of consumer-class boosters on their networks due to interference and resulting damage caused by traditional repeaters.

CeI-Fi won CONNECT’s 2013 Most Innovative New Product Awards for the second time in four year – quite possibly a first. For a young company like ours, it’s not only gratifiying but quite humbling considering the vast talent and technology that is being developed in and around San Diego. Of course peer recognition is inspirational in and of itself making the MIP award that much sweeter.

We also announced our ARES six-core baseband processor that will power the next generation of smart signal boosters – including automatic configuration for HSPA and LTE networks. In just 12 months, our team created a new processor that has four times more computing power than our previous generation. We beat Moore’s law along the way.

While on the topic of pride, I am continuously reminded of what a fine team I have the privilege of working with – every single day of my life. Nothing special happens without special people, being especially visionary and applying extra special determination to a seeming insurmountable set of challenges. It makes me proud and and grateful.With our most successful year to date behind us, you can expect to hear a lot more in terms of compelling new product developments from our intrepid R&D team. We also plan to continue building upon our groundwork with the FCC and Small Cell Forum to ensure that our smart signal booster innovations continue to serve the coverage needs of our customersIn the meantime, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for maintaining the faith and to let you know there’s much more in store in 2014. So stay tuned, the future is exciting.

All the best in the coming year.

By Werner Sievers, CEO

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