2014 FIFA World Cup Scoring Nil on Cellular Coverage


When it comes to world class sporting events, technology reigns supreme. Except, it appears, in the case of the upcoming World Cup in Brazil where cellular networks are expected to fall well short of championship standards.

A Reuters article “World Cup rush leaves gaps in Brazil cell networks” says that a test run during the 2013 Confederations Cup showed big flaws in the country’s cellular network, which does not bode well for texting-obsessed fans converging there this summer.

This may seem surprising in a country where cellular is the norm in households, but the reality is, the explosion of mobile data usage is simply outpacing the growth and therefore the coverage and capacity of Brazil’s cellular network. This isn’t an unusual international phenomena limited to a specific, cultural or sporting event, or for that matter, a specific wireless operator – it’s a predictable, universal dilemma.

While stadiums and major airports are getting last minute preparations in place (despite the World Cup kicking off next week), telecom companies remain behind in delivering what’s needed as they scramble to add coverage and capacity. The downside of all this is, with all the potential dead zones on the horizon, fans and journalists could be left on the sidelines when they try to make a call, upload photos or use social media. The upside is that fans won’t have any distractions to move their attention away from the games they’re watching.

Are you attending the World Cup this year? We would love to hear your viewpoints on how the cellular coverage turned out.

By the Cel-Fi Team

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