Cel-Fi LPDA Antenna

The Cel-Fi LPDA Antenna offers a powerful 12 or 14dBi gain (depending on carrier frequency) over 698-2700 MHz and is designed to reduce out of band noise, to improve SiNR and overall signal quality. Mounting is made simple with a mast down-tilt bracket and U-Bolts. This enables you to mount the antenna on a flat surface or a pole. A 45 degree mount attachment enables the antenna to be mounted at a tilt, for optimal matching of macro donor signals.

  • Suitable for all mobile carriers
  • Comes with mast down-tilt bracket and U-Bolt mounts
  • Includes 27 cm RG58 Cable N-type Female connector
  • Fully welded construction

Model Number:
_ › A62-V44-100

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