Cel-Fi Signal Booster for T-Mobile


  • Reduces dropped calls and improves voice clarity.

  • Risk free trial: if you are not satisfied, return Cel-Fi booster within 30 days.

  • Insanely Simple: plug & play, power up and Cel-Fi is set!

  • High capacity - Coverage up to 13,000 sq.ft., several simultaneous users and high speed data.

  • Approved and authorized by T-Mobile. Cel-Fi is designed and certified to improve T-Mobile 3G and 4G coverage.

  • Advanced technology: sophisticated self organizing algorithms that maximize the coverage area.

Boost Your Signal Strength

All you need is one bar.
To get five.

All you need is one place in your home or office that gets one bar of T-Mobile 3G or 4G coverage. Just a little bit of 3G or 4G signal strength and our revolutionary new Cel-Fi will bring you blazing fast downloads, smooth video and surfing, and improved voice coverage. T-Mobile: 4G HSPA+ and 3G dual band (AWS, 1.9GHz: 3GPP band 2 & band 4).

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Risk free trial: Our policy is simple. We promise you will love your Cel-Fi. If you don’t like something - anything - about your Cel-Fi, you can return Cel-Fi booster within 30 days of receiving it.

Install in minutes.
Unequivocally Plug and Play.

Simply plug Cel-Fi's Mobile Phone Signal Repeater in. Cel-Fi is absolutely void of any antennas, cables, switches or configuration needs, making it totally plug and play. Since both units communicate wirelessly, you can put them in the best location in your house or office, and Cel-Fi configures itself automatically.

Safe and secure connection to T-Mobile

Your communication and data are secure. Because Cel-Fi repeats T-Mobile wireless signal, it maintains all of the security protocols of the T-Mobile Wireless network. Your call or data session is never transmitted over the internet.

Drop us an email for more product information or just to say hi :) hello@cel-fi.com

Download the technical specifications of the RS2 here

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