Cel-Fi is a 3G booster that increases your devices 3G speed, extends its battery and improves signal strength. A intelligent 3G repeater for office or home.

Increase Data Speed

For indoor areas with poor reception, Cel-Fi's 3G booster offers significant data speed improvements, often up to 4 times the current rate.

Extend Battery Life

Cel-Fi manages the power levels between the cell tower and user devices so that users enjoy significant improvements to battery life.

Easy to Install

Easy to install Cel-Fi is a true plug and play system that doesn’t require the installation of antennas or cables.

Improves Voice Coverage

Enables clear and reliable 3G connections within the coverage area... Usually up to 13,000 square feet.

Custom designed microprocessors and bespoke software enables intelligent system operation.
Four 5 dBi gain antennas, one of which is automatically selected based on signal strength
Intuitive user interface enables best device placement.
SD card slot enables update of configuration information.
5GHz antenna for wireless communication with the Window Unit.
Integrated amplifier supports up to 100 dB gain, with Automatic Gain Control (AGC).
Integrated USB port for software upgrades by simply connecting your personal computer.
Tech Specs PDF (Single Band) Tech Specs PDF (Dual Band)

Window Unit

Window Unit

212MM (8.35")H
144MM (5.67)W
146MM (5.75)D
Weight: 1.02kg (2.25lbs.)

Window Unit Antennas

Max Uplink EIRP 25.7 dBm

Antenna Meter

4 individual 5dB gain antennas guarantee best possible reception

Status Light

Automatic channel selection for both WCDMA and UNII Channels

Power Supply

Input Supply: 100-240V VAC 47-63 Hz
Output +12VDC
Power Consumption less than 17 W

Coverage Unit

Placement Separation

Up to 100 dB path loss (approx 20 meters) between Window Unit and Coverage Unit

Downlink Antenna

Max downlink EIRP 12.7 dBm.
RF Path between Window Unit and Coverage Unit: 5 GHz link compliant with ETSI EN 301 893 v1.5.1

Coverage Unit

158.8MM (6.24")H 146MM (5.75")W 59MM (2.32")D Weight: 0.39kg (.81lbs.)

User Interface

Easy to understand User Interface. Peaceful coexistence algorithms limit interference from adjacent Cel-Fi systems, 802.11a/b/g/n (Wi-Fi), cellular, and femto cell devices.

Power Supply

Input Supply: 100-240V VAC 47-63 Hz
Output +12VDC
Power Consumption less than 17 W

Operating Temperature

Operating Temperature 0° to 40°C (indoor use only)

  • My bedroom is in the basement of the house, I had absolutely no reception. I could not send or receive text messages, but after I got Cel-Fi, I am wearing my thumbs out.

    Nathaniel H - Richmond, Canada
  • With my Nokia 900 and Nexus I used to have to charge them every day, now that I have Cel-Fi, I have definitely seen an improvement on the battery life of my handsets.

    Brian L - Toronto, Canada
  • It took me a while to convince myself to pay for Cel-Fi, but I realized if I amortize the expense over two years it is less than a dollar a day. It is really worth a dollar a day!

    Edward G- Huntsville, Alabama
  • Before Cel-Fi, I used to get tons of drop calls, but after installing Cel-Fi I don’t have any. I now have great coverage around my big house.

    Brian L – Toronto, Canada
  • “With Cel-Fi installed, I got better faster downloads on my smart phone than I did from my fixed line DSL service!”

    Doug H. – Shelbyville Tennessee
  • I was planning to change operators, any not looking forward to the hassle or the expense, but now with Cel-Fi I have great service and no need to change/or break my contract.

    Aaron H-Portland , Oregon
  • I was looking at another booster device but I realized that one required an antenna mount and orientation it was complicated; the other option had a cable between devices.

    Pelagia N – Ashton, Maryland
  • I used to leave my phone on the upstairs window sill, and then every time it rang I had to run upstairs to answer it, what’s the point of having a mobile phone? Now with Cel-Fi my phone goes where I go.

    Molly W - San Diego, Ca.

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3G Booster

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Cel-Fi only works with 3G devices and in homes where it is possible to get at least one bar of 3G coverage.



We have a Cel-Fi system that will work for you.

We guarantee that the Cel-Fi™ will provide great 3G coverage. If you are unsatisfied for any reason just return the kit to us and we will refund 100% of your purchase (does not include shipping fees). Try Cel-Fi™ risk free!


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